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Scotty Series #1

2020: "Scotty Series, #1" The panel that launched a series resulting in a DC gallery showing. (Based on sketch by Scott Van Domelen, image included for reference but sold separately.)

All Clear

2021: "All Clear" The final addition to "The Scotty Series", using clear glass and light to capture the calm of nothingness.

Scotty Series 4

2021: "Scotty Series #4" Glass interpretation available of sketch created by Scott Van Domelen. (Sketch included for reference, not included with glass piece but potentially still available through artist.)

Heavy Head; Hero's Heart

2017: Stained Glass, Foil, Solder This is the closest I've ever come to creating a self portrait. The heart and brain are often at odds with each other, but both are able to unfurl with such a passion that neither can be ignored.

Shadow or Shade

2016: Stained Glass, Foil, Solder If a shadow is unable to affect change, what hope do any of us hold? The raised, layered glass of the hands represent the illusion of encroachment- of endeavoring to escape from one realm to another. “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends, and were the other begins?” –Premature Burial (Edgar Allen Poe)


2015: Stained Glass, Foil, Solder A couple steals a moment beneath an umbrella, offering silhouettes only to share.

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