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Trials of Erebus
Book 1: The Labyrinth
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When Drake Shadowslayer figures out that he has uncontrollable magic powers, he is sent on a quest by the chicken goddess to find the scythe of souls.  When the odds seem impossible, Drake meets Sorik, a dwarf.  With only their weapons and intentions, they set off to save the world.

Seth Santillo


The literary stylings of Mr. Santillo are ever unexpected, portraying creative imagery of adventure and survival.

As a young author, he endeavors to transport his readers into a world where humor balances evil- where we all must battle to maintain our own perilous grip on reality. 

A growing force in the literary world, his words captivate the mind and demonstrate philosophical insights beyond his years.  His prose captures the essence of what it means to be alive...while ever trying to truly live.

To Touch the Moon
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What happens when one brother loses the other to an early grave, only to be faced with the same deadly horizon himself? Can he save his own life by touching the moon, or will history repeat itself? 

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